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Valley restaurants are donating $1 from each pizza sold toward new books for disadvantaged third-graders.

KidsRead USA is sponsoring the fundraiser through Monday, Oct. 20. Participating Valley restaurants include Pizzeria Bianco, Arcadia Farms, Bottled Blonde, Green Restaurant In Phoenix, Lon's at the Hermosa Inn, Maizie's, McGurkee's, Central Bistro, the Nook, St. Francis, Tarbell's and Vincent on Camelback. Shugrue's Hillside Grill in Sedona also is participating.

Founded in 1996 by author and journalist Eileen Bailey, KidsRead has donated more than 29,000 books to children attending seven schools in the Osborn and Balsz school districts.

"We welcome any restaurateur who would like to help needy kids get brand-new books to take home and keep," she said. "My secret goal is to make lifelong readers and learners out of these very promising kids. Everything we accomplish in life starts with reading."



10/21/2015 12:11am

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That is great deal to help children develop their skills, especially it concerns to disadvantaged kids. I'm very glad there are people in our world who don't think only about their own benefit.

04/13/2016 12:12pm

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05/02/2016 1:49pm

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We welcome any restaurateur who would like to help needy kids get brand-new books to take home and keep," she said.

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